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Capital Reykjavik
Language Icelandic, English,
Government constitutional republic
Leader Unknown
Area 103,000
Population unknown assumed 351853
GDP $15,010,000,000
GDP per Capita $45,347
Currency Icelandic krona

In July 2026 Iceland has opened itself up to the world once again after 6+ years of isolation.

In December 2019 Iceland has entered a period of indeterminate isolation, there is a media blackout of the event.

CIA World Factbook

The Republic of Iceland boasts the highest energy generation per capita, by a lot, also all but 1% of that is renewable (energy breakdown 1, 2). Plus, due to its isolation, it is probably ideal to survive a zombie Apocalypse in. Iceland is also considered the most peaceful nation in the world so take that Switzerland. Research is at 3% of GDP set to reach 4% GDP by 2020 (PDF). Iceland is working on construction of the Bjork School of Advance Biology in order to enhance its research. Mostly stable and growing birth rate.

Iceland has decriminalized drug use and is selling some drugs in a state run stores that are estimated to bring in an extra $130 million USD annually, other governments are now open to buy the drugs as well. Iceland has also recently passed legislation defending Internet privacy and data hoster. Iceland has recently de-listed the Church of Iceland as its official religion.

Iceland has partnered with Serbia to significantly increase geothermal power generation by 1000MWe. And is hardedneing its electrical power generation to prevent solar flair damage and EMP attack. Iceland now also hold a controlling 51% of Solozyme a biofuel company.

Iceland haveing seen the evergrowin threat of the world and international terrorism to itself has deceided to work on an antibioterror reseach facility in order to prevent what they see as the greatest threat to its soverenty.

Iceland is a member of

Military Assets (sovereign)

Military Assents (NATO)


  • 99% literacy
  • Budget
    • $231 Million USD, 7.4% GDP