Capital Vaduz
Language German
Government hereditary constitutional monarchy
Leader Prince – Hans-Adam II
Area 160
Population 38,000
GDP $3,200,000,000
GDP per Capita $84,211
Currency Swiss franc

[April 2016]

It has been 9 years since Prince Hans –Adam II said in his Manifesto “The State in the Third Millennium” that Liechtenstein is the most Libertarian Nation in the world.   Now as Liechtenstein is Libertarian in some elements like a low corporate and personal tax, in other ways not so much. The glaring issue with Hans –Adam II’s statement is he is still a king with immense powers over the state.  Monarchy and Libertarianism do not go hand in hand. Hans –Adam II’s oldest son Alois stands as the regent of the nation as Hans –Adam II lives in partial retirement, but still pulls the strings over Alois.

 With that being said there has been recent calls once again inside of the nation to make Liechtenstein more Libertarian, by removing the monarchy from the nation once and for all. On April 12th 2016 the Libertarian National Front(LNF) was formed to create  a more Libertarian State following the core tenants of Modern Libertarianism(low taxes, legalization of drugs, free market economics, ect)  and the removal of the Crown from Liechtenstein. The LNF will be running elections next year in February. There seems to be a fair amount of support behind this movement as a reactionary movement against the Crown. Chairman of the party Senta Gerhardt stated in front of the new LNF headquarters in Schaan at a News Conference that “No doubt that without the work set forth by Hans-Adam II and his son Alois we would not have the great society today, but it is time for them to set down. The age of monarchy is over. We are one of the few nations in the world that still have a king that holds power. It is time to end that. It is time to return the power to the people. It is time for Liechtenstein to reach its full potential.”

 As that is going on there the Progressive wing of the Landtag, the Free List Party (FL) has been gaining support as Europe becomes more progressive over time. With that being said the party is expecting a big year. Party chairman Pepo Frink has stated that “No longer will the wealth of the majority belong to the minority. We will increase the tax rate on the rich and help the poor, spring boarding our nation into a future where we have equality and a green future.”

Inside the Landtag both major parties (Progressive Citizens' Party, and the Patriotic Union) are worried about the rise of these two parties. Prime Minister Adrian Hasler has stated that “We shouldn’t be worried about these factions inside our nation. For hundreds of years we have our kings guide the way in our nation, and it will be this way for hundreds more. Never before in history we have had such an outcry for the removal of our monarch. This is just a phase in this crazy world we live in. It will soon pass.”