Saudi Arabia
Player Oveass
Capital Riyadh
Language Arabic
Government monarchy
Leader King and Prime Minister – Salman
Area 2,149,690
Population 31,540,000
GDP $1,681,000,000,000
GDP per Capita $53,297
Currency Saudi riyal

2016 Saudi Arabia





Iron Dome Missile Defense Shield

May/April 2016

Saudi Claim post

A silent census on European demographics

Tariq is sent out to have all european Imam's hold a census of the demographics in Europe. The Saudi Crown prince wants to know the opportune moment to leverage the population of European muslims.

Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud spiced up the defence budget for 2017

Budget for Defense and Foreign Aid has increased.

Peace Shield

The GCC Purchase 9 Iron Dome and 9 David's Sling from Isreal (Through proxy of the US) 4 of these are for Saudi.

Saudi Arabia asks The Arab League to invest in propaganda

The Arab League is enticed to make propaganda to entice the open border politics of Europe.

African Union

Saudi Arabia agrees to sponser the African Union in Mauritania with $350 Million. It will build a special convention hall that will later be used as a Sunni Islam mosque. One of the main topics of the summit will be the build of several mosques and suburban neighbourhoods centered around those mosques

Mauritania sends diplomats to Saudi Arabia

Saudi send 3 patrol ships and 1 corvette ship to protect Mauritania fishing waters.

Saudi start planning the build of a 150million $ state of the art desalination plant in Mauritania to spite Iran.

A desert road trip

Badur As-Khari is sent to Pakistan to meet up with the Taliban and direct them to Iran.