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Capital Bern
Language German; French; Italian; Romansh
Government federal republic
Leader Johann Schneider-Ammann (President)
Area 41,285 km²
Population 8,267,000
GDP $482,700,000,000
GDP per Capita $58,389
Currency Swiss franc

2016 Edit

March / April Edit

  • Panama shares news about its expanding Canal. The Swiss take this as a cry for additional funding, but respond negatively.1
  • Liechtenstein has a civil outcry against the monarchy. The Swiss Government has the FIB monitor the situation.1
  • North Korea threatens to act out. Switzerland responds.123
  • Afghanistan decriminalizes heroin export. Switzerland responds.1
  • Sealand rents out servers. Three companies in Switzerland show interest.12
  • Swiss Chocolate Companies set up a new union, and introduce two types of certificates to increase the quality of chocolate in general.
  • Rolex recalls 250 watches due to manufacturing fault.
  • India Petitions World for Assistance with Doctors, the Swiss Government says its very willing to initiate a program to assist India.1
  • Afghanistan criminalizes heroin export again, but now seeks to export opiates for medical purposes. Switzerland responds, and several hospitals in the country are looking to purchase produce in the future.1

May/June Edit

  • Sealand begins growing hemp for cannabis production. This produce, if owned, used, or sold within Switzerland, is expected to incur heavy fines.12
  • North Korea broadcasts anti-capitalism propaganda. This has a Swiss living in that country, send a letter to the Swiss Government.1
  • Swiss Chocolate Companies begin planning for Chocolympics - 2017. They ask a grant from the Swiss Government. Belgium promises funds too.
  • In the EU summit on the migrant situation, Switzerland repeats they will not deviate from their current path.1
  • Romania attempts to attract GMO scientists, 12 Swiss Researchers are extremely interested. Their main focus lies in Cocoa Beans, but they are willing to work on other projects too.1
  • Myanmar citizens disregard wealth as a main source of happiness. Red Cross Employees fly to Burma to validate or refute this claim.1