United States
Capital Washington, D.C.
Language English
Government constitution-based federal republic
Leader President – Barack Obama
Area 9,147,420
Population 320,821,000
GDP $17,970,000,000,000
GDP per Capita $56,013
Currency United States dollar

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[Claim 'Murica]

2016 Edit

[News Gang Violence Erupts In Streets Of Chicago, Governor Declares State Of Emergency]

[News Trump And Sanders To Win In New York]

[Diplomacy President Obama Plans Weekend Excursion With Family In Peru]

[News Petition Flies Past 100,000 Asking Obama To Help End Slavery And Trafficking In Africa]

[Secret Roleplay President Obama Makes Shady Deals In Peru]

[Diplomacy Secretary Of State Kerry Sent To Meet With Mauritania Officials]

[News Trump & Hillary Secure Necessary Delegates To Receive Parties' Nominations]

[News Hillary Clinton Arrested!]

[News RNC Chair, Reince Priebus, Suggests Delegates That Vote Trump Won't Be Welcome Back]

[Event The Republican National Convention]

[News Cruz Steals Republican Nomination Out From Under Trump On Second Vote]

[Event The Democratic National Convention]

[News Hillary Wins The Democratic Nomination]

[Roleplay Shillshank Redemption]

[Event Presidential Debate]

[News Trump Campaign Drops Heidi Cruz Sex Tape Bombshell]

[Event United States 2016 Presidential Election]

2017 Edit

[News Chicago Mayor Attributes President's Policies In Marked Improvement In Fight Against Crime]

[News President Gary Johnson Sworn In, Trump Accepts Position As Secretary Of Defense]

[News Trump Orders Reserve Fleets Refitted For Service Abroad]

[News US President Orders Restructure Of DEA, Massively Cuts Funding]

[News Trump To Accelerate Sale Of Reserve Military Aircraft]

2018 Edit

[Event Gary Johnson Blames State Of America On Previous Generations, Paul Ryan Promises Changes To Social Security]

[Diplomacy Paul Ryan Meets With Israeli Premier, Promises Continued Congressional Support For Israel]

[News President Johnson Says Remaining Ground And Special Ops Forces To Leave Iraq, Afghanistan, Air Power To Remain If Desired]

[News Gary Johnson To Make Major Cuts To NASA, ISS And Mars Funding To Remain]

[News Gary Johnson Closes Guantanamo Prison]

2019 Edit

[News Jacksonville Jaguars Shock Football World, Win Superbowl]

[Event President Johnson Proposed New Healthcare System, FreedomCare]

[Event In Effort To Solve Puerto Rican Debt Crisis, Washington Demands Statehood Vote In Puerto Rico]

[News Donald Trump Condemns Mass Russian Troop Movements In Ukraine]